How to deal with work stress

March 21, 2022

How not to overwork at work, get out of stress and what to do if an employee becomes emotionally unstable - 2UPWORK advice.

Daily workdays become stressful. It is known that every average worker at least once a year experienced the strongest anxiety about experiences at work. Researchers from research centers in this field note that eastern and southern countries are easier to endure stressful situations than western and northern ones.
At the same time, almost every European, at the first sign of emotional instability, visits a psychotherapist who conducts a course of restorative sessions in order to put his patient's health in order. For many years in Russia, as well as in the CIS countries, a trend has developed that equates going to a psychologist with the inability to control oneself.
Annual sociological surveys show that a Russian citizen is in very rare cases able to visit a polyclinic, and even more rarely a private clinic, for a similar purpose. Thus, ordinary employees are accustomed to solving stress and emotional upheavals on their own or in the circle of close friends and relatives. As practice shows, it is not always possible, alone, without the help of a specialist, to get out of an emotional shock with the least health consequences.

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