How to deal with anxiety - effective techniques

December 30, 2021

They talked about the main helpers in the fight against anxiety (spoiler - pets and even an old photo album will come in handy) and explained how to worry if you can’t keep calm

We have already talked about how to tune in to work if emotions are overwhelming. But how to work when the stress is off scale and you can't tear yourself away from the news feed?
Psychology Tools specialists have released a guide “How to cope with anxiety and anxiety in the face of global uncertainty” - and although we are talking about the Covid-19 pandemic, the advice is good and relevant.
We have collected and adapted the most simple and effective Psychology Tools techniques - they will help when anxiety takes all your resources.

When Anxiety Gets Out of Control

Psychologists say that the ability to think about the future is our main difference from animals. Under normal circumstances, this ability is very useful, but in times of crisis and uncertainty, it can lead to disaster.
Even the simplest thought grows into a premonition of tragedy if we do not know how events will develop. The most difficult situation for us is when ambiguity, novelty and unpredictability converge at one point. Agree - it's all about today.
Anxiety also manifests itself on a physical level:
  • Muscles are constantly tense
  • Unable to relax and focus on anything
  • Sleep quality deteriorates or insomnia sets in
  • It seems that there is no strength left for anything
Priorities change, authorities crumble. And now you no longer understand what is right and what is not, and even more so it is not clear how to act. Routine loses its meaning if you don't know what to expect from tomorrow.
Still, it is possible to reduce the degree of anxiety. And you need it for yourself and for the sake of your loved ones. Your job is to stop worrying about hypothetical problems and get on with the real ones.

The thing is, when you're worried about real problems, you're looking for - and finding - solutions. It's a useful concern that keeps you moving forward.

When you start to worry about hypothetical problems, you realize that it is impossible to solve them, and everything ends with complete exhaustion and depression.
Therefore, the only sure way is to get anxiety under control. Right now.

How to deal with anxiety without escaping from reality

There are three basic strategies to deal with excessive anxiety:
  • Maintain balance
  • Letting go of anxiety
  • Dose anxiety

How to maintain balance

A sense of well-being occurs when there is a balance between pleasure, achievement, and a sense of closeness with other people.

Try to make sure that small joys remain in life: do something pleasant every day. Comedies, good books, hot tea or coffee, a warm bath, a morning jog - anything that makes you a little happier will do.
Achievements also do not have to be global. Just do something every day that you can praise yourself for - clean up, sort out documents, close all tasks at work.
Also, be sure to schedule a chat. Call a friend, visit your mom, chat on social networks. And the best thing is if there is an opportunity to do something useful together with other people: at least plant flowers in the yard.

Pleasure, a sense of success and recognition - this is the perfect balance for every day.

How to let go of anxiety

It is naive to think that it is enough just to say to yourself: “Stop worrying!”. Worry has to be dealt with.

First ask yourself - can I fix the problem? If you can, take action. If not, switch to what is important here and now.

These simple steps will help:
  • Pet or feed your pet
  • Get creative - you can just put colored blots on a sheet of paper or sort photos, the main thing is to get something of your own, original
  • Get moving - dance, warm up, ride a bike
  • Release emotions - you can howl if you really want to
  • Do the cleaning
  • Help someone
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • take a shower
  • cook something new
  • Watch a video (educational or entertaining)
  • Field house plants
  • Write how your day went

How to dose anxiety

This technique is similar to the famous "I'll think about it tomorrow." The bottom line is that you allow yourself to worry and panic - but only 20-30 minutes a day, strictly on schedule.

So, to begin with, find half an hour in your schedule for worrying. It is better not to give vent to emotions right before going to bed - otherwise you risk not falling asleep at all.
If during the day you start to worry, do not forbid yourself emotions, but endure them - tell yourself that you will worry later. To cope with an anxiety attack, focus on something external - breathe deeply, do eye exercises, watch someone.
When the time comes for worrying, use it to the fullest. You can cry, growl, play the most terrible options in your head, analyze the causes of anxiety - anything.
When time is running out, think - can a cause for concern be turned into a practical task? For example, if you are afraid of being left without the right medicine, right now you can look for its Russian-made analogues or order several packages.
Just don’t get carried away with stocks - remember that this is how we create a deficit ourselves, and you won’t stock up for a lifetime.

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