The whole truth about a personal brand

March 22, 2022
When you mention your name, do people remember a good photo, quotes from your public speeches, or the topic of your last post on social networks? Congratulations! It will be easier for you to find a job than for “mere mortals”. You will be hunted, invited to vacant positions that almost no one knows about yet, interviewed “out of competition” and offered a salary above the market.

Already wanted a "brand"? Let's first figure out whether everyone needs it and - if you really need it! – how to start building a personal brand of a specialist from the right “end”.

What is the personal brand of the applicant / specialist
Let's face it, the concept is abstract, so everyone understands it differently. The main thing to learn: do not confuse the concepts of professional and wide recognition. Even if tens of thousands of people do not read your Facebook page, and your last name does not mean anything to most of your new acquaintances, you as a specialist can still form a successful personal brand.
What is included in the concept of a brand:
  • unconditional professionalism (in the modern world of "show off" a non-professional can pretend to be a brand, but in most cases the brand relies on real and impressive professional achievements);
  • reputation (“internal” HR recommendations / communications, plus “external” - extending beyond the company in which you work - reputation among colleagues and the professional community);
  • personal characteristics (general adequacy, plus the so-called "fit", that is, the ability to flexibly and quickly adapt to the environment, circumstances and team);
  • recognition of you as a professional.

There are really many ways to build a personal brand of a specialist! Just put together a unique combination of the ones that are right for you.

Work on the "selling" positioning of your pages in social networks: who you are, what you do, what is your expertise and uniqueness. For freelancers, a website is important, for certain professions, a portfolio.
Add more friends (not just any, but from relevant areas).
Find specialized (industry) communities) - both in your hometown and online, if you speak the language - international ones, join them.
"Shine your face"! In communities, in chats, comment, answer questions, talk about your experience, suggest interesting topics for discussion. Attend specialized offline and online events as a participant, get to know each other, collect business cards from influential people from your field, and distribute your own. Act as a moderator or even a speaker at events.
Do something for free in your direction. For example, hold client consultations twice a month on weekends, informational webinars. Participate in specialized startups, help newcomers advance in the profession.
Write to industry media. Offer yourself as an expert on TV

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