Salary is negotiable - how to evaluate your work

March 22, 2022
Why before an interview you need to calculate not one amount of salary, but three, how to explain why your job costs more, and why comparing salaries is a bad idea
If you are a novice specialist, the words “negotiable salary” in the vacancy scare. On the one hand, you are afraid to sell cheap, on the other hand, you don’t know how to justify your claims for a high salary. In general, it is not clear how much your work costs.
We tell and show with examples how to calculate salary expectations and understand how much you can claim.

How to understand how much you cost as a specialist

Define three sums for yourself:
  • minimum sufficient
  • Market average
  • Comfortable
The minimum amount can be subjective. For someone it is 15,000 rubles, for someone - 150,000 rubles. Be honest with yourself - how much you need for food, utilities and clothes / shoes. Remember - now you are calculating the minimum, the lower salary bar. It will come in handy in order to evaluate the offer of the employer subjectively - a lot or a little specifically for you.

How to negotiate salary in an interview

If the salary is indicated in the vacancy, it makes no sense to achieve a significant increase. The employer has a certain amount in the budget - everything is approved and scheduled.
But we can suggest changing the form of cooperation.

How to increase salary by changing the contract

Find out what kind of contract you will sign. The employment contract provides for insurance deductions - 30% - from the employee's salary, which are paid by the employer. But registration under a GPC agreement or cooperation with a self-employed person does not require any insurance deductions. This means that the employer can pay you more, and contributions to the Pension Fund and medical insurance are your own business.

If social guarantees are of little concern to you, and the amount of salary is a priority, ask if it is possible to replace an employment contract with a contract with a self-employed person, subject to an increase in salary.

Remember: self-employment is a minus if you are not ready to budget hard and save for a future retirement. The self-employed are not required to pay sick leave or vacation pay. In addition, a self-employed person is not entitled to a tax deduction when buying an apartment or spending on medical treatment and education.

How to explain why you want to receive so much

Often an employer or recruiter asks himself: “What salary do you expect?” - and the applicant mutters something like “I would like no less than now”, “You know, I have a mortgage and children”, “How much do you offer?”.

The best answer is a specific amount and a clear justification. For example: “The average salary in vacancies is 30,000 rubles, I would like to receive 40,000 rubles, because I have experience in successfully solving similar problems, and besides, I can take on this and that.”

A reliable justification for high salary expectations is the benefit that you will bring to the company:
  • Rich and varied experience - you know exactly how to increase work efficiency
  • Useful skills - you can take on additional responsibilities
  • How not to talk about salary
  • A dubious tactic is to inflate your worth by referencing other offers. This is where the interview could end.
It is useless to demand a raise just because you got more at your last job. This is not an argument at all.
You should also not refer to salaries in other vacancies of the company. Salaries reflect the value of a specialist for the company - it's ridiculous to think that a developer and a driver will earn the same.

And here's another thing that is categorically impossible: to leave the interview without achieving a specific salary figure and complete clarity on bonuses and social package. This must be discussed without fail, and not to hope that the salary is indicated in the vacancy. It might be the wrong amount.

The main thing is to be polite, tactful and do not forget that the employer must clearly see his benefit from your hiring.

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