How Freelancers Stay Afloat During a Crisis

March 22, 2022

Optimize your routine

The work of a freelancer is not just products or services that he provides. Take the time you have to optimize your activities.
Whatever the job, you must communicate with customers and suppliers. Must plan a schedule, manage finances, promote themselves. According to research, 38% of workers could save five or more hours a week with workflow automation. 16% of respondents said they could save at least 10 hours per week.

There are many possibilities for automation:


Getting paid for work shouldn't take long. If you use accounting software, set up recurring billing for repeat customers. You can also automate settlements with creditors.


Why write dozens of emails reminding clients of you when a computer can? Set up automatic sending of messages if the client does not respond for several days.

Social network

You will have to create content yourself, but there are programs that help you plan publications on different platforms. Social media will no longer be a daily headache.

If there are few orders, use your free time for professional development. Learn to do your job better:

Expand your skills

For example, if you are a web designer, learn a new programming language.

Get certificates

They show that you continue to develop in your field. There are many educational platforms on the Internet where you can even find free courses.

Know your industry

The market is constantly changing. Read thematic content, follow the leaders of your field of activity. Take the time to stay up to date with the news.

Participate in video conferences

As a rule, they are cheaper than offline seminars. In addition, you can save time and avoid travel expenses.
Freelancing is full of ups and downs. Don't let hard times lead you astray. Instead of worrying about missed orders, work on yourself. That way, when the good times come back, you can enjoy them even more.

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